Pehchaan 3d [First Punjabi Movie in 3D] [1 – Feb – 2013]

Pehchaan 3d [First Punjabi Movie in 3D] [1 – Feb – 2013]

Pehchaan 3d

INNER KARMA FILMS LTD. & DADDY MOHAN RECORDS PRESENTS The First Punjabi 3D Feature Film PECHAAN 3D Based on True Story Music By: RDB, Panjabi Hit Squad, The Bilz & Kashif, Ranj Singh & The Discriminatiors Starting: Steve Dhillon, Jaspal Randhawa, Mandeepak Patrola Release Date: 1-Feb-2013 Genre: Drama Synopsis : “Jagjot Sidhu, a young medicine graduate, has aspirations to soon become a doctor and make his family proud. After witnessing a murder, he comes forward to testify against a corrupt family. HIs life, appearance, relationships, career and identity are taken away for his own protection. Life takes him on a trip filled with anger, laughter, religion, love and betrayal all centered around the man he actually is. He must get back his life and somehow get home.”

Pehchaan 3d

Pehchaan 3d – Trailor [2013] – [First Punjabi Movie in 3D] – Upcoming Punjabi Movie – YouTube
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